Thursday, November 21, 2013

TOOBS Review and Giveaway

When Noah was three, I started buying him Toobs. We call them Tube Toys. They come in all kinds of animals. They are really cool. He has quite a few of them.  I blogged about them in the past because I use them to decorate his birthday cakes because I am not a cake decorator in the slightest.  He also loves to play with them and collect them. He has taken them to the pool with them since most of the ones he has are sea life or fish. It is one of the things he cherishes.  In Kindergarten, he wanted to take them for show and tell, since they were educational.  So, I approved it through his teacher because they had issues with toys before. He brought them and another child stole them and passed them out to all the other kids. Noah was heartbroken. The only reason I knew about it was because the little boy he rode home with was arguing with Noah about a turtle.  We got it all straightened out and the teacher had to call every parent to get them back.  The other child lied about stealing them and said they were his.  I ended up buying him a couple new Toobs because we weren’t sure that we had them all. Some kids have special blankets or stuffed animals, Noah has his Toobs.  He looks forward to receiving them on Birthdays and even from Santa. 

I had the opportunity to world with Safari Ltd. They make Toobs and a bunch of other really cool toys. As I was browsing their catalog, I noticed he has some of their other toys too, like a realistic looking hermit crab. Santa got that at the Fort Desoto gift shop I believe.  I really like Safari Ltd because their toys look realistic.  Noah is really in to nonfiction and he knows that fish do not smile so if there is a smile on something he says something. He can really be silly. This time we received the Baby Sea Life Toobs and the Sharks Toobs. The Baby Sea Life are so cute. I am partial to little baby things.  Noah likes them too. He has matched them up with some of the grown up creatures he has.  My son can name all the different types of sharks too.  It’s really funny because he is constantly impressing adults with his knowledge of fish and sea life.  We went to a neighbor’ house to check out his new 100 gallon tank and Noah was talking fish and identifying all of them and taking about all the different types of coral. He wasn’t saying I like the pink coral, he would use the name of the type.  Toobs are a huge part of our lives. It is really cool to be able to share with Noah really cool toys that are also educational. 

Toobs are a great gift because kids love them. Boys and Girls alike.  They are great for a child who loves animals or sea life or pretty much anything. They have so many different types I am sure you could find something that interests the child in your life. They come in a tube so they could be a great stocking stuffer or wrap up a couple together and start collecting all the different Toobs. Be sure to check out Safari Ltd.’s other toys too.

For more information and to order please visit Safari Ltd.

I have a GIVEAWAY for you!

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One Sharks Toob
One Baby Sea Life Toob

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Thank you to Safari Ltd. Ffor providing me with a couple sample Toobs for my review and providing the giveaway prizes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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