Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tips to Save on Cyber Monday and an Giftcard Giveaway

It’s almost time for the best sales of the year. I don’t participate in Black Friday. I think it is ridiculous, the crowds and the insanity just to save money. I went once and never again. It was not fun to me at all.  I worked at Bath and Bodyworks one year on Black Friday, and I wanted to walk out. I do however like Cyber Monday, because I can save money and shop online in my pajamas. I don’t have to wait in lines or deal with massive amounts of people. I remember the one Black Friday I went shopping the line was at the back of the store. Since I love to save money when I shop online, I thought I would share some ways to save money during Cyber Monday Sales.  That way you can really stretch your bucks and get more.

Shop around. If you want something particular, check out a few different sites. See where you can get the best deals.

Use coupon codes. I always use them when I can when I shop, but there are usually extra special coupon codes for Cyber Monday. I really like Coupon codes because they have a great variety and I don’t have to spend time looking at different sites.

Don’t get sucked in to minimum free shipping deals. If you aren’t planning on buying $50 worth of stuff, don’t buy $50 worth of stuff to save $5 dollars. Spend the amount you are planning and pay shipping if you have to spend a lot more than you planned on.  While you are saving but you have to spend more than you want to save a little.

Avoid impulse buys. Don’t buy something because it is on sale, if you don’t need it or if it’s not on your loved one’s list.  Trust me I have done this before.  Some of those things I have never used.

Stick to your lists. I know that it’s always fun to give some surprises. I used to put on my list to Santa and some surprises, but think if this is something they would really enjoy.

Stick to your budget, don’t go hog wild because it is cheap. All of those cheap purchases add up quickly.  Ever gone to the dollar store and picked out items and next thing you know you owe thirty dollars?  Me too.

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