Friday, November 15, 2013

KOOLIO Personal Beverage Cooler Review

Noah and I love to go to the beach and to the pool. Thankfully we live in a place where it is pretty warm most of the time. Even if we can’t get in the water at the beach we like to walk on the beach, collect shells and play in the sand. We also go for walks around town and go to the park to play. Like most people who do a lot of activity we always are thirsty.  There aren’t too many places to buy something to drink so we always bring our own, it is cheaper that way too.  However I either have to do three things because we do live in a warmer climate.  Number one: drink it really fast, which makes me thirsty later on.  Number two: drink a not so cold drink, which when you are hot and thirsty that doesn’t really help.  Number three: I have to carry a cooler.  Now, if I were going to a picnic, I wouldn’t mind bringing a cooler along. However when Noah and I go to the pool. We have so many other things to bring like noodles, towels, and his snorkel and mask. A cooler is just one more thing to carry and they are heavy. We are normally not at the pool for too long. A cooler would pretty much be pointless.   Another thing I have noticed when Noah and I are walking and we have beverages is that I end up carrying it, because it’s too cold for Noah to carry at first.  So, I am double fisted with drinks freezing my hands off until the sun inevitably warms it up. 

I received a really cool product to try out. It is called KOOLIO Personal Beverage Cooler. We all know about the standard drink holders, usually with some business’s name on it.  They are usually made out of foam or cheap fabric. While they do keep your hands from getting cold, they don’t really keep your drink cold. In theory you would think they would, but we all know they don’t.  KOOLIO came up with an awesome product that enhances the typical drink holder. Instead of just putting your drink in a foam thing, you open up the system and insert a freezer pack.  The freezer pack keeps it cold. It’s like you have ice in it, without the melting and watering down.  They give you two freezer packs with each KOOLIO Personal Beverage Cooler so when the first one is no longer cold you can use the other one. I tend to forget to put Noah’s lunch ice pack and his ouchie pack back in the freezer right away. So it is great to have a backup just in case. It also comes in ten colors.  My favorite color is the green one while Noah likes the red one. You no longer have to worry about drinking out of someone else’s drink. All you do is remember your color. This is great if you have parties or picnics with many people.  

Here is some information from KOOLIO:
  • Holds most standard 12-ounce cans or bottles
  • Colorful band for comfort and grip
  • Non-slip ring on bottom so your KOOLIO  stays in place
  • Hole in bottom of base unit for easy removal of empty cans or bottles
  • Easy twist-off lid to keep your gel pack secure
  • Non-toxic gel that does not freeze solid to provide a secure fit and maximum cooling effect
  • Does not contain BPA, Lead or Phthalates
KOOLIO would be a great gift for anyone who does a lot of entertaining, lives in a warm climate or really anyone who likes to drink cold drinks. I use them around the house too.  I keep my soda cold with them, I usually don’t chug a soda, I tend to drink it over time and I don’t want to keep running to the refrigerator every time I need a sip. It also works for my beer drinking readers. It will fit glass bottles of beer or Twisted Tea, which is my best friend’s drink of choice. We are also in football season and it would be perfect to take tailgating or even to watch the game. It is also an affordable gift. It’s only $9.99 even though it is worth so much more than that. Think about how many warm bottles of beer you have ended up throwing away. KOOLIO will help you save money by not wasting expensive beverages.

For more information and to purchase KOOLIO, please visit the KOOLIO website.

Thank you to KOOLIO who provided me with samples to try out in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That definitely does look better than the foam ones that you get from businesses.