Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Key Ingredient Review and Giveaway

One of the things I love to do when I cook and bake is try new recipes. My family likes to rip out recipes from the newspaper and magazines to try. Some of my favorite recipes were obtained that way.  I also have a lot of recipes that are really old and unorganized. Every year my family does holiday baking. One of the recipes we make is Peanut Blossoms, we always use the same recipe. It is from a cookie magazine from 1982.  That means my mom received the recipe when I was one years old.  If I ever lost that recipe I would be heartbroken.  I know whose recipe it is but it wouldn’t be the exact same.  I have kept all of my loose recipes in a Target bag.  There is a huge stack of them in there.  The bag has deteriorated over the years many times but I always replace it with a Target bag. Through the years I have lost recipes.  These are recipes that are secret. You can’t find them online. One of the recipes I lost is a cookie brittle recipe that was created by a family friend who passed away. That means I will never be able to make that recipe again.  I am very sad about this because it was an amazing recipe.  I am horrible about organizing recipes.  My mom used to put recipes in photo albums. We still have them but I would need many photo albums if I were to use her method. It isn’t space effective honestly. 

I had the opportunity to try out Key Ingredient Recipe Reader. Key Ingredient is an electronic recipe box.  It is similar to a tablet. Think of it as a recipe tablet. It has five built in timers. That is a great feature when you have all kinds of things going on in the kitchen.  Sometimes you are using the oven and the oven timer is on, you have something cooking on the stove and you are using the microwave timer. Then you realize you need the microwave to make a snack. You can’t run both the timer and microwave at the same time. You have to remember how much time you have to set it after it beeps.  When I say five timers, I mean heavy duty long timers. Noah decided to test it out.  It will go up to at least 1,000 HOURS.  It has Wi-Fi for too.  It comes preloaded with recipes and you can easily put your recipes on it and find others recipes too.  It has a feature that you can keep your recipes private if you want. I really like that because I have certain recipes that I will never share unless you are family.  Usually these are recipes my Grandma Rose created. I think they are great recipes but the memory of making them with her is sacred to me.

More about Key Ingredient:

A perfect gift for Mom, grandma or the pint-sized budding chef in the family, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader lets home chefs access up to 4,000 recipes at the touch of a screen. Your readers may want to share a treasured family cheesecake recipe with the world. Or perhaps they prefer to keep the recipe secret and share only with other family members? The Recipe Reader also syncs with a free account, which allows people to search, download and “cookmark” an unlimited number of recipes online. Just load it with favorite recipes and switch it on.

Earlier versions of the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader have been featured on national shows including The View, The Talk and popular cooking and family blogs.

With a color, large-font touch screen feature, built-in-timers, handy substitution and conversion tools, and durable construction that withstands the hazards of a kitchen, the Recipe Reader is a great gift for all the chefs in the family. Retailing at $149, the Recipe Reader is available at Key Ingredient, Costo and Amazon.

Sometimes I find great recipes online, I never seem to have a working printer or ink when I find them. I have done the whole running back and forth from the kitchen to my iPhone and back to follow a recipe.  I don’t want to ruin my phone or computer.  I want to keep it safe. I also have a seven year old who sometimes distracts me when I am en route, and I forget something, I either have to look again or think I know what I am doing, that usually results in one of my famous crisis cooking episodes. It always turns out great but it is funny because I am prone to doing something silly.  The Key Ingredient is totally kitchen friendly. It is made to withstand spills and splatters. I am an insanely messy chef.  Somehow I start in one area and dance around the kitchen because when I am done, it is a mess.  I think it is great that Key Ingredient is Sheila proof.  When I am cooking with Noah it is also fun chaos. I have had recipes disappear mid recipe, it falls off the counter or ends up in the trash. I catch it before it is lost for forever though.  Key Ingredient would be a great gift for anyone who likes to cook and bake. I think it would be a great gift to load with your family recipes before giving it as a gift.

For more information please visit the Key Ingredient Website.

I have a giveaway for you!

One super lucky winner will receive their very own Key Ingredient.  You can keep it or give it as a great gift.

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  1. I was baking bread and used too much yeast. The dough rose above the sides of the pan and flowed all over the oven. It was priceless!


  3. I follow Key Ingredient on Facebook

  4. I follow Key Ingredient on Twitter

  5. Oh my! I have had so many kitchen mishaps. I love good food but I am not the best cook. The last mishap I had in the kitchen was when I was making meatloaf. I don't know what happened but it was a goobly gobbly mess. We ate it anyway. It just wasn't pretty.

  6. Following you on twitter. @KimLitchford

  7. I follow Key Ingredient on Twitter. @KimLitchford

  8. I tweeted! And thanks for a great giveaway!!!!

  9. Well, I am known for kitchen mishaps. First, I am generally not allowed to use sharp knives or work near fire. Second, I like to drop things. Third... well, I could go on.

    The one, however, that comes to mind was the time, about 20 years ago when I misread package instructions and put something in the microwave for 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds. Things can catch on fire in the microwave... just in case you were wondering.

  10. Well, it turns out that you can catch things on fire in the microwave. About 20 years ago, I misread package instructions and put something in for 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds.

    Oh, and I am generally not allowed around the sharp knives or fire....

  11. Wow! I have been trying to do a fmily cookbook, but this would be awesome to have-- mo more paper!

  12. I make a lot of sourdough bread with a great starter I've used for several years. One day I mixed everything up and put the covered bowl in the gas oven to rise. Didn't turn it on but the pilot light does a pretty decent job. Left for a number of hours and pretty much forgot about the dough. When I got back, remembered it and found sticky dough all over the oven - racks, oven floor, oozing and exploding over the bowl. I guess that starter is getting quite powerful!