Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to create a spacious lounge

As the living space is where you’re most likely to spend the majority of your free time, it pays to adorn you lounge in such a way that maximizes your space.

Obviously pushing walls back isn’t an option, and if building an extension is too far-fetched for your budget, here are three of tricks you can perform to make the most of your living room’s diminutive dimensions:

With a feature wall

When executed correctly, a feature – or statement – wall can add inches to your room.

Whatever colour scheme you have in mind, it is worth bearing in mind that cool colours recede and warm colours advance. For example, if your room is narrow, you can trick the eye into thinking it is wider by painting the widest walls dark and the narrower walls a lighter shade.

The same applies to wallpaper, so why not choose a dark, plain paint for your widest wall and light, intricately-patterned wallpaper for your shorter wall?

And don’t forget, you can also widen a narrow room by painting horizontal stripes if you wish to play with a number of colours.

Make room with a mirror

The paint job done, it’s time to move on to making the most of your homeware and accessories. By implementing a focal point, and angling your mirror towards it, this creates the illusion of depth within your room.

If you have a few free walls to play with, try to place a large mirror near to you window as this will catch, and accentuate, the natural light. Taking this on board, add glass-topped tables instead of chunky wood ones, as this will add to the amount of visual floor space; enlarging your lounge.

Space-savvy seating

As the main event of your lounge, your sofa should only be as big as the room you put it in. Instead of a wide-armed, large-backed monstrosity, opt for a chic sofa with simple lines and neat tailoring. Or one with open arms and exposed legs is even better, still.

Scale the seating to suit the size of your room and, if possible, try to match the colour of your sofa to the wall as much as possible.  It’s a bizarre trick of the eye, but it works!

Complimenting your paint job with a fabric sofa, such as those available at sofa specialists Oldrids & Downtown, is guaranteed to add texture and interest to the room’s décor. Placing the sofa against the wall will enhance the (albeit minimal) open space you may have available, too.

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