Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GreatCall Urgent Care App Review

We all get sick sometimes. I don’t always know if it is serious enough to go to the doctor or not. Sometimes you just don’t feel good.  As a mom, it is hard to know if your child has just a virus or if it’s an infection. It seems to usually happen at night or during holidays, when no one is open.  Of course if it were serious, I would go to the emergency room, but most cases it’s a tummy ache or a sore throat or something that doesn’t need a hospital. I would also feel guilty about going and taking up their precious time when it wasn’t serious. I learned about an app called GreatCall Urgent Care. It will put you in touch with a nurse for advice. It reminds me of that Ask a Nurse service they had in the 90’s. They used to play the commercials for it all the time.  I remember watching the ads at my Grandma Rose’s house with my cousin Dan.

GreatCall Urgent Care is really easy to use. I haven’t had to use the phone service yet and hopefully never will. It is great to have just in case. How many times have you gone back and forth on whether or not you need to go to the doctor? I have done it before, mostly for myself.  One of them being when I fell down the stairs and bruised my tailbone really badly. I love that it also has a medical dictionary, Google is great but can be unreliable.  I also like the symptom checker because I can see what possible health problem I have.

Here is more information from the developer:

The free GreatCall Urgent Care app allows you to:
  • Have one-touch access to a live nurse for advice 24/7, who can escalate the call to a board-certified physician if needed
  • Get health-related assessments, general health information, diagnosis or even a prescription
  • Have access to an easy-to-understand medical dictionary
  • Research your symptoms with the medical symptom checker tool.
It’s particularly convenient to use this tool when:
  • You simply don’t have time to run to the doctor,
  • You need medical advice when your physician or Urgent Care is closed or unavailable
  • You don’t feel totally comfortable discussing your symptoms in person with your normal doctor
  • You want to save money. (The app is free, and calls are only $3.99. Much less expensive than a doctor’s bill or co-pay!)
  • You have a quick on-set of symptoms
  • Etc.
For more information please visit GreatCall Urgent Care
GreatCall Urgent Care App is available in the iTunes and Google Play Store.

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