Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time to Buy Noah New Sandals Again

Noah is growing so fast.  I am not sure if his feet are ever going to stop growing.  I have to buy him new shoes quite often.  It’s not always because they are too small, but because he is a boy who wears them out.  He loves to run and play and his shoes are always on his feet. He doesn’t have the love of being barefoot like I do.  I am happy about that, there are too many things for him to step on, and that I prefer that he always wears shoes, anytime he isn’t at home. It’s really hard to find cute affordable kid’s shoes. I am not really big on characters on shoes or clothing and so many things are branded now.  It can take some time to find some we both like.  I have been looking online because taking Noah to a shoe store is not too fun. He is just has so much energy. I really like Ecco Kids Shoes. I think that they are adorable and affordable.  Noah really needs new sandals. I noticed that when his toes were practically falling out of them.  

I still remember his first little sandals. He was so cute in them. I took him out to walk around in them and took about 5,000 pictures.  Since, he was one when he had his first pair of shoes. He was held or in his car seat when we went out.   There are some really cute baby and toddler shoes and booties.  When I have friends who are expecting I like to pick out little cute baby shoes, since Noah forbids anything that he deems babyish.  I have some friends who are expecting or just had a baby recently. I can’t wait to pick out some inch blue shoes.  Even if the baby doesn’t wear them, they are a really cute keepsake.  I know a certain little girl who is gonna get some cupcake shoes from me soon.

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