Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Tablet is not Working Properly

I allow Noah what we call tablet time.  He loves to play educational apps along with fishing games.  He even has his own virtual fish tanks.  Like most children, he has the Minecraft bug.  He loves Minecraft. It is a really fun and creative app. He even built me a house out of pink wool.  Tablet time is something that he earns for good behavior. It is not something he always gets; it depends on what is going on and how his day has been.  He hasn’t had much tablet time lately because my tablet doesn't always work.  This makes both of us very sad.  Noah told me that I need to take it to a device repair place the next day. I haven’t fixed it yet. I think that I know what is wrong with it. I want to check with Ipad (either 1 2 or 3) Repair by Fone Angels just to make sure it isn't something else. Normally I have great luck with electronics.  My sister however, has huge problems.  She has probably broken every phone she has ever owned. She is always cracking the screen, dropping it in the toilet, and other assorted things.  I am not sure what her issue is.  It seems like she is constantly getting her phone repaired.

 I have only broken two phones.  One I dropped on a sidewalk and it broke. Thankfully it wasn’t an expensive phone.  The other one, I was on vacation in San Diego, and we had just arrived and we went to the beach.  I was so excited to see the water I went in to the ocean with my phone in my pocket.  I was extremely tired from traveling all day.  I think when you are traveling is the worst time to have your phone break. My friend was nice enough to share hers with me so I could still call my family.  Thankfully I must have foreseen this happening, because I had upgraded my phone the night before I left for my trip and it was going to be delivered the day after I got home.  That was an ordeal too getting it activated. I ended up missing a friend’s child’s birthday party.  It’s usually a lot cheaper just to get your device repaired than to buy new. Smart Phones are so expensive and if you get a discount on it, you usually have to renew your contract or what we call in my family your prison term.

Have you ever broken your phone or tablet?

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