Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gorton's Seafood Review

One of the things I really enjoy eating is fish sticks. I have always liked them. When I was young I used to get a TV dinner with fish sticks and chocolate ice cream for dessert. My favorite brand of fish sticks is Gorton’s. I haven't tried a product that I didn't love. My favorite product is the Original Battered Fish Tenders. It's just so good with a mountain of ketchup. It's such an easy meal to make. I occasionally have it for lunch or dinner when I don't feel like cooking anything elaborate. I know that it will taste great every time. I cook 98% of frozen stuff in the oven. I think that it tastes better even if there are microwave instructions. The Gorton’s Fish Tenders take a while but they are so worth the wait.  When they don't have my tenders I buy the bags of 44 fish sticks. They are good and they are a great deal. I can buy one of those and have 5 or 6 meals easy. I am still trying to convince my fish loving son to try fish sticks but so far it's not working well. I hope someday he will try them and love them.

I want to start trying some new recipes using Gorton’s products.   I love that there is a recipe section on their site. There are quite a few of them I want to try. It’s great when a company comes up with recipes using their products. Not everyone is creative. I know that they are tried and true.

Be sure to enter to win the Wicked Good Seafood Sweeptakes! You could win a trip for 4 to Boston.  It includes airfare, lodging and even spending money. I have only been through Boston, I have never stayed there. It looks like a wicked awesome town.  As long as I don’t remember that my two rival teams are from there. 

Enter to Win the Wicked Good Seafood Sweepstakes  The sweepstakes ends October 18, 2013 so hurry and enter now!

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