Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alife, Haathi and the Magic Bioscope App Review

Noah is interested in learning about other countries and cultures. I try and expose him to learning about them at a young age.  He must have received that from me genetically.  I loved when we would learn about other countries in school. I even did folk dancing where we did dances from many different countries. It is so interesting to learn about places and see how they are similar and different. I can sometimes find it challenging to teach Noah about different countries and cultures.  It needs to be age appropriate so he can understand. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to take him to each country and show him first hand. There are also places that have really interesting cultures that may not be the safest places to visit.  So, I have to rely on apps, stories and activities. I want to start making crafts and food from different places.  I want to make sure he understands just because they are different than us, they are just like him. I really embrace and teach him the fact that it is awesome to be different.  


One country we both find interesting is India.   There isn’t a ton of stuff out there about India so, when we found an app called Alife, Haathi and the Magic Bioscope. This app is an interactive story book.  He loves to read so, when it is educational and not about Lego Star Wars it is a good thing.   Noah loves to go on adventures when he reads. He likes to learn about animals too.  Noah really enjoys Alfie and Haathi and the Magic Bioscope. His favorite character is Haathi. He thinks it’s cool that Alfie is friends with a baby elephant.    I love that they include a great moral about friendship.  I think that is an important thing because it really reminds kids of the importance of being a friend.  It helps the child relate to the story.

Here is some information from the developer:
“Haathi and Alfie were the best of friends…”
Take your children on a journey of discovery with Alfie, a curious little boy from India, and his best friend, the baby elephant Haathi. Watch as your kids engage with the interactive storybook app, bringing animals, objects and Alfie to life in each scene.

As Alfie and Haathi discover the animal kingdom, your child will build their reading skills, comprehension skills and motor skills. With the rich background music and illustrations, your child will also get a glimpse into Indian culture.

When Alfie and Haathi discover a dusty old box, they can’t begin to imagine the adventures it’ll take them on! Alfie loses Haathi as they set off on their first adventure. Join Alfie in his search for Haathi, and along the way learn all about bioscopes, making new friends, and discover the meaning of true friendship!

Recommended ages: 2 to 6

- An interactive storytelling experience.
- “Read to me” option allows parents to turn off the voice-over and read the storybook to their children themselves.
- Page selector allows for easy navigation to a non-consecutive page.
- Professional audio narration.
- Custom background audio for each scene created by acclaimed Bollywood music producer Ram Sampath.
- Hints to guide parents and kids by highlighting all interactions in each scene.
- Objects, words and characters come to life with animations and/or interesting and educational factoids.
- This app is universal and has been optimised for Retina displays and the iPad.
Alfie, Haathi & the Magic Bioscope is available for free on iTunes.

For more information about Alfie, Haathi & the Magic Bioscope and Growl Media, please visit:
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