Monday, September 30, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to watch Strangers with Candy

I love Strangers withCandy. These are my top ten reasons why you should watch Strangers with Candy. 

10. To see what Guy Blank does next and see if you can catch him move or breathe. 

9. Because it is hilarious and it has Amy Sedaris. That rhymed. 

8. So you can understand my SWC tweets and know about the liberty bell. 

7. You wanna know if Jerri Blank ever makes it out of high school. 

6. Because you will want to join Safe Trap House and sit at the Welcome Table one of these days. 

5. To see what Steven Colbert in the beginning stages of his fame. 

4. To see if Jerri ever does the right thing. 

3. Because you want to know what the Flat Point marquee says and learn those lessons only Jerri can teach you.

2. The awesome dance sequences

1. Because if you don't you will have an evil curse on you where all your children and grandchildren will look like and act like Jerri Blank. 

Have you ever watched Strangers with Candy? What do you think of it?

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