Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What do I do with Noah's DVDs?

I can’t believe how old Noah is getting.  When he was three, he loved to watch Thomas, Barney and Caillou.  I would buy him DVD’s to watch. He would watch some of them many times.  When he was almost six, he informed me that those are baby shows.  I couldn’t believe what he was saying.  I knew he was going to grow out of Barney that was just going to happen.  I thought he would love Caillou for years. We didn’t watch Caillou’s Holiday Movie every time it was on at Christmas time.  He won’t watch anything on Sprout any more.  He has started watching less Nick Jr. I know soon he will no longer love Max and Ruby or Team Umizoomi.  He has moved on to more nonfiction shows.  He loves to still watch NASA of course. He also watches Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, How it’s Made and of course anything to do with fish and sea life.  So what do I do with all the kid’s DVD's he has grown out of?  Since Noah is an only child, at the moment, I don’t want to save them. They are taking up so much space. He has so many Barney DVDs and Thomas DVD’s. I think at one point I counted 50 DVD's that he will no longer watch. I have given some away to friends with young children but I am still left with quite the collection. There are some that he won’t watch that I will keep because they were his first DVD's. I am definitely saving all of the Baby Faith DVD’s.

Thankfully, with the wonders of the internet, I can sell DVD's online. This way they get out of my house and go to a new home where they are loved just as they were once loved by Noah.  The DVD’s will bring joy to children. They are just sitting on a shelf collecting dust here.  I love sharing things with other people that I no longer need or want.  If I didn’t share my stuff, I would be one of those hoarder shows.  I love to see people smile when I am able to give them something.   I will say it makes me a little sad when Noah grows out of his favorite DVD’s or toys.  He is really growing up so fast.

What are some shows your children have grown out of?

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