Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping Online to Save Money

There are a few stores I love to shop at. I don’t always have time to go to the mall, and shop. I rely heavily on shopping online. It is more convenient when you are a mom.  Two of the stores I love to shop at are Bath and Bodyworks and Victoria’s Secret.  Noah has classified these as girl stores and doesn’t like to go in either. I normally don’t take him in to Victoria’s Secret because it is an underwear store.  I do like for him to go to Bath and Bodyworks with me.  I like his opinion when I am purchasing hand soap because he uses it too.  I love to use coupons and coupon codes when I shop online. Every penny counts in my opinion. 

Bath and Bodyworks has semi-annual sales, which are great. They usually bring back some of the scents that are retired. When you are like me and most of your favorite scents are older it can be harder to find in stores, except during their semi-annual sales. Even then, you run in to not being able to find the scents you love. My most favorite scent is Pearberry, I wasn’t able to find it in stores this time. I know they have it online because I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to go to the store or order online.  I ended up getting Juniper Breeze, which I also really like. If I would have purchased online I would have been able to get both.

It’s really important to use coupon codes to save money. Even if it is a small savings it adds up. It’s funny because when I know my family or friends are shopping online, I always encourage them to use coupon codes.  It is worth the minute or two that it takes you to search for them.  When my mom and I would go grocery shopping when they had amazing coupon sales we used to pretend what we saved was what we earned on the trip, so if you think of online shopping the same way, it will be more of an incentive to take the time and use one. Some places like Victoria’s Secret you can stack coupons too, for extra savings or even a free gift.

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