Friday, June 21, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Beth Blecherman

When you are a parent you need to have a game plan to run your home. I am a single mom so, being able to do some of the things I want my family to do, can take some serious planning. Noah wants to do all kinds of things this summer. Some of the things are as simple as going to the pool or the beach. Some of the things will cost a considerable amount of money. I am trying to be a planner, but my plan isn't quite cutting it. I am getting lost in a sea of sticky notes.  If I lose one of them, I am in big trouble.

I had the opportunity to interview Beth Blecherman. Beth is the author of the book My Parent Plan. Beth is also  a family technology expert, author and founder of the website Beth's book is really interesting and she shares many great ideas on how to make a personalized parent plan. It is a great guide since every family is unique. Some of her tips are to plan for things in advance, sign up for things like summer camps for discounted rates. I know when I was looking for camps for Noah there was a discounted rate if you signed up in advance. Plane tickets are usually cheaper when bought in advance. She also uses Microsoft Office 365 to organize everything from her family's budget with Excel to using Word to write her book. Her publisher could write notes right on the document without having to email her. She told me about cool features that I didn't know about. You can color code your family calendar so you know at a glance who has which practice or what appointment. After talking to her, I am ready to use her guidance and write my own parenting plan using Microsoft Office 365.

Be sure to check out My Parent Plan by Beth Blecherman

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This post is collaboration with Beth Blecherman and Microsoft Office 365. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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