Thursday, May 30, 2013

Selling Clothes with Music Magpie

When I found out I was pregnant with Noah, I was so excited to shop for baby clothes. My mom told me to get mostly three to six month sizes. Newborn clothes are really cute but they only something the baby can wear a few times. I wanted to get clothes that he could wear a lot. Of course they were kind of big on him, but not for too long. I also bought some 0-3 months sleepers.  He was a good sized baby for being born three weeks early. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces. He was a big baby, his pediatrician called him a line backer because he was so solid. He was wearing 24 months clothes at 10 months old.  He went through his clothes like crazy. He only was able to wear some things like twice. Most of his clothes were in great shape after he grew out of them.  Noah has a ton of clothes; I can’t imagine some of my friends who have three or more children.  Even people with different gendered children, would have a ton of clothes. Throwing them away would be a waste of money and clothes.  Why not sell them to someone who can use them?

You could always have a garage sale, but not everyone has the opportunity or space to do it. It is also extremely time consuming, you have to sit outside for many hours and hope that you get customers.  I think a great idea to sell used kids clothes is online. There is a site called Music Magpie that you can sell clothes for cash.  Music Magpie also buys adult clothing.  My sister is a Marine wife and she goes to the Marine Ball every year and she buys a new dress. She only wears it once and then it sits in her closet. I think that she has a serious shopping addiction.  They also buy all kinds of thingsI really like that with Magic Magpie it is really easy to list your products. It isn’t a long process. You can list them and go on with your day, and not have to spend a whole day out in the heat trying to sell the clothes.  It is also free! You also can ship to Music Magpie for free. It would be crazy not to try this out.
Do you sell your clothes after you are done with them?

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