Friday, May 31, 2013

Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream Review

When Noah was a baby, he would get an occasional diaper rash. I was a first time mom and I wasn’t sure which the best diaper rash cream to use was.  I would just use whichever brand, I had coupons for or that was on sale. It worked pretty well. I remember one of the times Noah had diaper rash, I was out of cream. I asked a friend of mine to please stop at the store and pick some up.  My friend happened to be a guy, who has no children, he asked me what kind and I gave him a few choices, followed by whichever is cheapest. He told me after he went to the store that he asked the pharmacist which one to get.  I thought it was funny because he asked.  He also ended up getting a brand I didn’t know about. I trusted it because of who made it, but it was a very funny conversation.   It really is hard to know which cream works. I learned about a brand of diaper rash cream called Pinxav.   

Pinxav First Aid Cream 

Pinxav was developed in 1927 by Milford Harris along with a dedicated group of doctors and pharmacists, all of whom collaborated to create an effective treatment for diaper rash, a common and painful condition that affects millions of babies every year. In fact, because the sensitive skin of a newborn is no match for a wet, soiled diaper, most babies develop diaper rash at some point during infancy and beyond. The good news is that diaper rashes are rarely serious and respond readily to Pinxav.

 Now that Noah is older he obviously doesn’t have diaper rashes. You can use Pinxav for other things, if your child is no longer in diapers. It works well for chaffing and if you have heat rash. I remember my ex had heat rash from the laptop, and his mom who was a nurse practitioner told us to use diaper rash cream.   It can prevent your skin from cracking and as first aid cream.  Every family can use a good first aid cream.  Not only does Pinxav contain 30% zinc oxide but it also contains a list of extra ingredients that helps heal and soothe the area it is applied to.  Those ingredients are Lanolin, Aloe, Vitamin E, Oil of Clove, Menthol, Eucalyptol, and Petrolatum to name several. They all have their own special reason they are in the Pinxav formula. It is also all natural.
 I think that Pinxav would be a great addition to a new baby gift because you should always have diaper rash cream on hand for those late night diaper rashes when nothing is open and you don’t really want to leave. Pinxav is a must for a first aid kit no matter your age. 

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Have you ever tried Pinxav before? What do you think?

I am working with Pinxav on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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