Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Noah Wants his Own Desk

As many of you know, Noah is extremely smart.  He loves to read and do math problems. He also has become a great artist. He loves to draw and color all time.  He really wants to have a place to do all of his projects and homework. For Christmas, Santa brought him some office supplies.  He definitely takes after his mom who used to love to play school. I would go to the teacher stores with my mom and come home with different things to play school. I had my own grade book.  He really doesn’t have a place for all of his stuff to be organized.  He went with my mom to her school for their celebration and he ended up winning a basket of supplies in the raffle. He was so excited to have new notebooks, colored pencils and even scented markers.  He would love to have his own desk. I would get him one that has a lot of drawers.  My sister and I both had childrens desks.  We would use them for homework and to store our many office supplies. Noah talks often about having his own desk and workspace. Right now we don’t have enough space for one, hopefully we will soon. He is using his small train table as a work space along with the kitchen table, and occasionally the coffee table. 

 I think it is important to have a spot that is dedicated to homework and art.  A desk would be great and would cut down on crayon marks on the table.  You don’t know how many different places I have found pencils and crayons in places they don’t belong.  It would definitely cut down on Noah asking me to find him things all the time.  He loves to make homemade books. One of the things he received for Christmas was a hole punch.  I was going to use it to tie ribbon to attach his book and he lost it.  If he had a desk, he would know exactly where it was. Desks also help a lot with organization which is something all children need to learn.  I have lots of great memories sitting at my desk playing school, coloring pictures and making crafts.
Do your children have desks?

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