Sunday, May 5, 2013

Noah Loves to Wear Hats

Noah has always worn lots of hats. He received a couple knitted baby hats at the hospital when he was born. It is really important to keep a baby’s head warm. A lot of heat escapes from your head. I thought that he looked adorable in hats, so I kept buying different ones.  I would get him holiday baby hats. My favorite was his Santa hat for his first Christmas. He even had a first Easter hat because it had bunny ears. He had little baby baseball caps too. I really like to send hats as a gift to newborns. All newborns look so precious in hats.  I am waiting for some of my pregnant friends to give birth so I can buy baby hats for them from Babski Baby.  My Grandpa always wore a hat.  He had a huge hat collection. It was fun when Noah was a baby to put my grandpa’s hats on him. Of course they were huge but it most of the time my Grandpa had a hat on. He would never wear one to church or out to a nice restaurant.  Noah’s middle name is the same as his first name. It is a great way to pass down his memory to my son.

He has had many hats so far and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon. He took over my only hat and made it his own. It has a seven on it. He doesn’t wear it too often. He prefers his team hats.  He has all kinds of them. His uncle Mike likes to give him hats.  The last time they were here he received a couple new hats.  Noah looks really handsome in them. It’s funny because he won’t wear them backwards. When I wear a hat I wear them backwards because I think they look better. Not Noah, if you put a hat on him backwards. He will automatically switch it around.  I am not quite sure why he does it though.  I think he was told it should only be worn with the bill in the front.  It was probably my mom who told him.  I am sure some day he will think wearing his hat backwards is cool.  I am sure his hat collection will grow a lot in the next few years.

Do your children wear hats?

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