Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get Smooth This Summer with Nair

Sheilacakes confession time, I hate shaving. I don’t know why that is. I just have always hated to shave. I do it of course, but it is not my favorite thing to do.  It may be one of the most horrible things about being female in my opinion. I am not too good at doing it either. It’s part of the left handed curse. It occasionally ends in me bleeding.Unfortunately, living in Florida, there is always Summer weather.  So, when I was able to try out a couple new Nair products I was excited.   I was able to try out the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio. With summer around the corner, that means it’s time for bikinis, short shorts and overall, showing off more skin. Nair products provide professional results at home for staying smooth all summer long – at a fraction of what you’d pay at a salon.

Here is some info about the products I tried out:

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio are the new depilatories to join the popular Brazilian Spa Clay Line inspired by the beauty secrets and hair removal expertise of Brazil. Each product is infused with mango butter and açai berry known to moisturize the skin, and mineral-rich clay known to purify the skin.

The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care™ Face Trio is the first 3-step depilatory for the face with a suggested retail price of $13.99.

Step 1: The first step is the pre-balm, which coats the skin to help minimize irritation and redness

Step 2: The second step is the depilatory. There’s no drying time so you can apply the depilatory immediately after using the pre-balm.

Step 3: After removing the depilatory product, apply the moisturizer, which is similar to a typical facial moisturizer. This will help neutralize the pH of the skin, bringing it back to the normal level.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care™ Body Trio is the only 3-step in-shower depilatory system, including the convenient Nair Shower Power® technology that works while you shower. The suggested retail price is $13.99.

Step 1: The pre-wipe contains mineral oil and chamomile to prepare your skin before removing hair.

Step 2: Apply the depilatory, which is resistant to water through emollients similar to those found in waterproof sunscreens so it will resist runoff while you shower. Keep the area out of the direct stream of water.

Step 3: After the hair is removed, apply soothing post-use gel with Aloe Vera for a perfect finish.

I really liked using the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care™ Face Trio because it comes with a sponge and a spatula. You can use either of them to apply the cream. I preferred the sponge because I was able to put it on fast and it was easier because it didn’t end up all over my hands. It went on like butter and it was quick and easy. I was a little nervous about getting in the shower with it on. I was able to figure it out though.  It took the cream about 4 minutes before I was able to wipe it clean with a wet wash cloth. I really liked the post-use gel. It made my skin feel soft. I will definitely use these products regularly. Good bye shaving and razors.Hello smooth soft legs.

For more information please check out http://NairLikeNeverBefore.com to learn more about Nair's full line of summer hair removal products.

Thank you to Nair for providing me with the products mentioned in this post as part of compensation in the Nair Campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This stuff sounds amazing. I would love to be able to get away from shaving so often.

  2. The last time I tried Nair was years and years ago. It was not the most pleasant experience back then - it definitely sounds like the product has changed. I may have to give it another try.

  3. I'm going to get me some this weekend! :)

  4. That has to be so much better than waxing - ouch!

  5. I need to get some of this for my daughter!

  6. I have never tried it but might this summer.

  7. I never used Nair, but I remember it smelling so bad when my friends would use it back in middle school.