Friday, May 31, 2013

GazziliMath App Review

When Noah was younger, I made sure that I was teaching him basic skills.  I think that education is very important and it is never too early to teach your toddler basic skills like shapes, colors, letters and numbers.  When your child is in preschool it is a great to teach your child a little more.  Most toddlers can count a little, but they have no idea what the numbers mean.  I believe it is your job to teach them what a number is and how it works.  I think that children should be able to do basic addition by the time they are in Kindergarten.  Noah definitely knew some math by the time he was in Kindergarten. He does second grade math and is in Kindergarten. I remember when I was learning math it was boring and we didn’t have cool games and apps to learn from. I remember a game that had basic graphics on the computer, nothing like today’s graphics and games. It was even in black and white.  I used to imagine the critters in different colors.  I think kids learn better when it is fun. There are definitely ways for them to learn vs. sitting at a desk and doing math problems.  

 I learned about a new app called GazziliMath. It is an awesome Math app for preschoolers and even kindergarteners in my opinion. Preschoolers have a really short attention span so it is extra important to make it fun for them.  It’s funny because you can teach a child something and sometimes they don’t even realize that they are learning.  I think with GazziliMath you get that. I really like that you are helping the animals. GazziliMath tells you what to do, so you don’t have to read to your child the directions. Just make sure you have the sound on. 


Here is more information from the Developer:

Preschoolers and parents can enjoy hours of fun learning basic math skills through exciting arithmetic activities with the immediate launch of GazziliMath on iOS. Featuring colorful characters, vibrant animations and engaging games, GazziliMath is a unique interactive learning experience that lets children explore the countless ways that numbers and math play an important role in their lives all while discovering delightful surprises along the way. Children across the globe can now swipe, tap and flick their way through a fun, multi-sensory journey to learn challenging, age appropriate concepts right from their device.

Developed with leading educational consultants from New York City’s The Dalton School, GazziliMath is the latest addition to the renowned GazziliWorld series of edutainment apps. GazziliMath guides children through a series of math-based activities, encouraging them to complete each page to unlock the next adventure and watch the GazziliFunPage come to life. With the support of surprise features and captivating animations, children are motivated to see, hear and touch numerals all while learning to count and subtract in a creative way. Most importantly, GazziliMath helps improve children’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and basic math concept proficiency.

GazziliMath helps preschoolers learn important math concepts with challenging, yet kid-friendly, activities”, said Adam Gittlin, Founder of GazziliWorld LLC. “GazziliMath is great for teaching children through a thoroughly engaging and completely educational environment. We’re excited for both parents and children to play with GazziliMath and learn the vital skills of adding, subtracting and more in a fun and engaging manner.

  GazziliMath Features
- 6 math-based activities

- Successful completion of each activity brings GazziliFunPage to life

- Hearing Impaired Mode’ includes spoken narration of written words

- Interactive animations, music, sound-effects and surprise features

- Improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

I really like GazziliMath. It has really cute graphics.  I of course had Noah try it out. I didn’t say it was for 2 to 5 year olds, and he loved it. I think that just because you already have mastered a skill, you can still practice it. I really like that the gates are locked and you have to go in order. Your child can’t skip over levels and have a real understanding for what they are doing.  Some children like mine like to skip over things in order to get to a harder level in games. GazziliMath would be great to use this summer on long car rides.
You can get GazziliMath for iPad in the iTunes App Store for $1.99

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