Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whiffits Diet Enhancers

Before I got pregnant with Noah, I was very skinny.  I may have been a little underweight.  During my pregnancy I gained a whopping fifty pounds.  I was huge; my family would poke fun at my size because I used to be so skinny.  I know they were doing it lovingly, my aunt even commented I finally had a chest.  Now that Noah is six and a half and I am still a little overweight I am self conscious about it. I am sure everyone thinks that I am probably fine, but I would love to lose around fifteen pounds.  My problem is I tend to eat too much. I work from home so I am always eating something. It’s harder when you are at home all day and you have easy access to food all the time.  I guess the term is grazer, but I graze all the time. I learned about a product called Whiffits. It looks really cool because you use your nose to curb your appetite.

Whiffits™ is a unique non-invasive diet enhancer that comes in the form of scented wands. Embedded in each wand is one of three specifically designed scents proven to assist any diet plan you might be implementing into your lifestyle. Many diets can be effective, but the urge to eat fatty and unhealthy foods that you've been deprived from for so long can be overwhelming and counterproductive. That said, just a few sniffs throughout the day releases a unique combination of aroma molecules that trick your brain into thinking you've eaten. The end result: you eat less, save money by not buying food you don't need, and the pounds drop off.

Whiffits™ is for real. The effectiveness of Whiffits has been proven through clinical studies, showing a significant decrease in food cravings and noticeable weight loss. This method has been proven to be successful on its own, but combining it with a diet and healthy lifestyle will only expedite the process further.

The official BioTem Clinical Report confirms the effectiveness of the revolutionary new diet wand with average weight loss of 19 lbs per participant over the course of the study. The study subjects reported an impressive 50% decrease in food cravings within 5 minutes of inhaling the special diet wand aromas. Directly from BioTem's official Clinical Report – "This study conclusively proves that inhaling these specially developed scents in the diet pens results in weight loss without any conscious changes in diet or exercise." Another study – The Role of Specific Olfactory Stimulation in Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss compiled by the Division of BioTem Cytotechnologies– also confirms this information.

"One method which seems promising is the role of olfaction in weight regulation. Specifically, the inhalation of positive hedonic (pleasant smelling) scents has been shown to have beneficial effects on appetite and hunger regulation. This idea stems from everyday observations of how food aromas affect appetite and from clinical observations of how patients with acute anosmia often gain weight. These observations suggest a breakdown in an olfactory satiety feedback mechanism. Also, there are scientific EEG and brain mapping studies documenting the effects of the inhalation of particular food scents on brain wave activity."

I know with Whiffits I would be able to stop eating all day and lose weight in the process. It’s easy, its painless and only takes a moment and I will not have the urge to pig out during the day anymore. 

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