Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Days VS. Hurricane Days

When I was growing up in central Indiana, snow days were a common thing in the winter. It was always exciting when my school was on the bottom of the screen saying closed. I learned about a snow dance in Jr. High that I still swear it works in a cold climate in winter. I remember doing it on mostly Gold days because all my favorite classes were on blue days. Always on blue days.  I am not sure how that worked out. I also had SRT on gold days which was very boring. When I was younger my favorite snow day activities were watching TV, making bread from scratch, playing outside in the snow and playing games and just relaxing. The bad thing about snow days is making them up. 

Noah doesn't have snow days, since we live in Florida. He has hurricane days.  Basically when the weather is really bad with a hurricane in our path or a tropical storm, he doesn't go to school. We had one in August. I am hoping and knocking on wood that we never have a hurricane or a tropical storm. Thankfully he doesn't have to make it up.


  1. I have never heard of a hurricane day before.

  2. See and being in MD we get both! But usually snow days. Last year the first day of school was delayed because of a Hurricane.