Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Retro Mike N Ike's Candy Review

When I have to get Noah after school we always get a drink and a snack at a local gas station. One of the times we went he ended up getting a little box of Mike N Ike’s. The little boxes are a perfect size for Noah. So, now he always gets a little box of Mike N Ike’s which is fine because he is happy and I am happy because they are cheap. He really likes the ones in the red box and the ones in the blue box. I personally love Hot Tamales.  One day Noah and I were talking about Mike N Ike’s as he was eating them. He asked me if I liked them. I said yes. I started telling him about an old kind they used to sell called Cherri N Bubb. Cherri N Bubb are cherry and bubble gum flavored Mike N Ike’s. I told him that they don’t make them anymore and how much I loved them. I also told him I wished they made them again. I am not sure if someone heard me or not, but a week or so later, I received an email that Cherri N Bubb were back for a limited time.  It was a dream come true!  They also brought back Lem N Mel. I had never tried that kind before. I love watermelon candy so I thought it sounded good. I would give all the Lemon ones to Noah. I am not a lemon candy fan.  I had to tell Noah about Cherri N Bubb coming back, we just talked about it. He was as excited as I was. 

When I got the candy I was so happy. I had to open up the Cherri N Bubb's as soon as I got it in the door.  They were as good as I remembered, if not better. Sometimes you remember something being really good but isn’t after a long time. This was not the case.  They were amazing. They were soft and delicious. I had to share with Noah and he would hound me for Cherri N Bubbs.  We also like Lem N Mel but Cherri N Bubb have a fond place in my heart. I remember eating them growing up and I definitely loved them as much as I do now.   I love when they bring back things from my past.'

Cherri and Bubb and Lem N Mel candies are only available for a limited time. I am going to go to the store and stock up. They are good for a year so I thought I would buy a bunch and snack on them throughout the year. You can find Cherri N Bubb and Lem N Mel in the candy aisle.

Thank you to Just Born for sending me samples of Cherri N Bubb and Lem N Mel Mike N Ikes for my family to try out and review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.