Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Have Never Been Skiing

I have a confession, I have never been skiing.  I grew up in Indiana where there is a lot of snow in the winter. I know that Indiana is a pretty flat state, but there were some manmade ski resorts.  I had friends who would go skiing and my youth group went but I never went along.  As I have confessed before, I am not really athletic, so I don’t really have the desire to actually go skiing.  I would however love to go to a luxury catered ski chalet somewhere in the mountains. It would be so much fun to go with a group of friends and sit by the fire and sip hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.  I am sure there would be breathtaking views of the mountains. It would be a very romantic place to take someone you love.  I am not sure if I would be the only one by the fire or not but that would be fine with me. I could read or blog or just relax and not have to worry about being freezing cold or if I would break my arm or leg. Watching me ski would be like watching a cartoon character crash in to something. Cartoons don’t get hurt, me on the other hand, it would end badly.
I think it would be cool to ride the ski lift. I wouldn’t get off when the others do. I would just enjoy the scenery. It would be a great ride. I was planning on going to a chalet with my ex and another couple in the Smokey Mountains but we never fully planned it out so we didn’t end up doing it.  Someday I will gather a small group of people and actually go. I would fully disclose that there is no way I would actually try to ski, but I would be there to just hang out with my friends.

Do you like to ski?


  1. ROFL I am such a klutz, I would sit with you by the fire instead of ski. But I would probably spike my hot chocolate with vodka. You know, to stay warm and all :)

  2. I love to ski. It's my favorite winter activity.

  3. Skiing is a lot of fun.

  4. I am just like you, I don't think I would like to ski. Getting away in the mountains sounds like fun though.