Saturday, March 2, 2013

Biscoff Spread is the Best.

Have you ever tried Biscoff cookies? I used to have them when we would fly on ATA, which of course is no longer in business. They are amazingly delicious cookies that melt in your mouth. When I went to New Hampshire, I was so excited when I flew home and they gave me a big Biscoff cookie. I remember one time I was babysitting for a little boy in a mansion, they told me to help myself to whatever I wanted to eat and they had biscoff cookies. I was so excited and probably ate my weight in them. I was so lucky that I was babysitting. It was one of those Dante Hicks moments, I wasn't even supposed to be here.  The family asked my sister but she had other plans so she hooked me up. 

Now they have Biscoff spread, it's like the consistency of peanut butter and its amazing. I am sure it is meant to be put on something, I just put it on a spoon. Never do I stick a spoon that had been in my mouth, that's just the Monk in me. Noah even likes it a lot too. I had to eat it while he was at school, or he would eat it all. I did share though. It's kind of expensive though, it's almost five dollars a jar.

Have you had Biscoff spread? What do you think?

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  1. That sounds so good. I love Biscoff cookies too.