Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TV Today?

What on Earth is going on with TV these days? Why are there shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore on? I saw a commercial for a show called The Best Funeral Ever and it was like crazy. Why would people allow themselves to be filmed? Why would networks allow this stuff? How is it funny or cool? I just don't understand it. There is nothing amusing about a foul mouthed so called beauty queen. There is nothing interesting about drunk people acting crazy. This Best Funeral Ever show is almost a mockery of death. I understand the whole celebrating someone's life and all that but it's not really something to broadcast and market, in my opinion. I have never been to a funeral where there was a happy and fun tone. Funerals are supposed to be a time of mourning and not a chance to have a barbecue sauce fountain. It's as though the more outrageous and trashy you are the more you have a chance at your own show. I guess morals have gone out the window. 

I know that in the 70's and 80's and the 90's there were questionable shows for the time. I know I wasn't allowed to watch The Golden Girls and I wasn't sure why, until I got older and understood the jokes. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV when it was still music videos. I have watched shows like Three's Company, The Golden Girls and All in the Family and I am thinking wow some of the jokes and references are pretty risqué. I also understood it better.  Shows today make Archie Bunker look like Pa Wilder from Little House on the Prairie.  I am kind of worried about what kinds of shows will be on when Noah's a teenager.  Will there be any censorship left? There isn't a lot left to begin with these days but it makes me wonder.

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