Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Companies I would love to work with

I want to share with you all three products and companies I love and why I want to work with them for a chance to win a ticket to The Reviewer's Retreat. Reviewer’s Retreat is the first and only blog conference geared 100% toward brand/blog relationships. I would love to attend with my family. It's in Atlanta!

These are not in any order:
1. Dr. Pepper. That is a no brainer. I love Dr. Pepper so much. I should buy stock in it. I probably have personally paid someone's salary with the amount of Dr. Pepper I buy.

2. Kitchenaid because I love to cook and bake. They would be a great company to work with because all of their products are great.

3. Sleep Number aka Select Comfort. They are my dream company. I would love to own a sleep number bed. My best friend has one and we decided that my sleep number is 25 because I like to be swallowed in to the mattress.

I hope I win the giveaway as it will be a lot of fun to meet fellow bloggers and enjoy learning and making awesome memories.

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