Monday, February 4, 2013

They Banned the Witches?!?!?!

I found out something tonight that totally broke my heart. One of my favorite books as a child has been banned from schools and libraries. This book is not a bad book at all. I spent many hours reading this book over and over again. I love it. I remember I had a friend who I used to play with and we would act out books. Yes I am a dork. Oddly enough I had a dream last night about this girl. I haven't talked to her since I was like in the fourth grade.  I can not believe they banned The Witches by Dahl. The reasoning is stupid. Something about being sexist and it is violent. Really? All witches are women. That is something that has been a fact since the dawn of time. Ok it is a little violent but not really. They talk a mad game but they are overcome by Luke. This really upsets me to the point of wanting to cry. Noah will read the witches and watch the movie just as I did. I see nothing wrong with it. It's fiction my six year old knows the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  It is not even as scary as Harry Potter or a lot of the books out there.  I never had a Witches nightmare in my life. 


  1. WHAT?! That is so sad! My mom is a Children's Librarian; I'll have to ask her about this. But she makes a point of celebrating Banned Books Month every year, so I wonder how much say she would have in determining which books stay on the shelves. Shame that any books would be banned.

  2. Sounds like my RELIGIOUS sister in law who told my kids (MINE she has no kids) that Harry Potter is evil. dmh