Saturday, February 23, 2013

Noah's Bird Army

One of the really cool things about living in Florida is all of the birds. My family really likes birds. I may or may not have called my mom the bird lady. I have never seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock and I plan to keep it that way, since there are birds everywhere. There are pelicans, ibises, egrets, gallinules, and Muscovy ducks to name a few. You usually find pelicans where there are fishing boats, but you can really find them anywhere near water.  We have seen baby gallinules that are the cutest birds. They look like little black balls of fur.  I was able to take pictures of them and we watched them grow up. It was really neat.  I don’t like Muscovy Ducks, but Noah does, they are really weird looking, they look kind of like turkeys. Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental.  One of Noah’s favorite things is to feed the birds at the park. They love to see him, it looks like Noah is leading a parade or has an army because they follow him around.  The other day I noticed a bunch of ibises hanging out, walking back and forth and it was like they knew I was Noah’s mom, because they were following me around too.  They were not afraid and they didn’t fly away. I thought I would snap some pictures of Noah’s bird soldiers.

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