Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love to watch Storage Hunters

On Sunday nights, you can find me watching a show called Storage Hunters. It's on Trutv. It's about people who go to storage auctions and bid on units that the owners stop paying for. They can't go inside and they have to base the value by what they can see. Sometimes there are a lot of boxes and you can't really tell but other times you can see what is in there easily. I love the dynamic of the bidders. My favorite are Brandon and Lori. I always want them to win big. There are other bidders I don't really care for and may or may not cheer when they spend $45000 on wristbands. It's always fun to see what they can find. Some units are awesome and some are junk. It is a complete gamble sometimes and you just hope that you find something big. I am pretty sure that normal storage auctions aren't always filled with so much treasure. I have thought about going to a storage auction before, but I would probably end up with crock pots and toasters and other odds and ends.

I totally understand the need of storage units because some people just have a lot of stuff. I know that when family members pass away the family wants to keep their stuff. When my grandma Rose passed away between all of us, I believe we kept almost everything. She had a lot of stuff including furniture.  Of course we all had our own furniture so this would be when a great storage company would come in handy. It's important to have one in a secured location with surveillance. You can never be too careful. Remember to pay your storage bill or your stuff could be auctioned off and I know I would cry if I lost the items my family has from my Grandma Rose.

Have you watched Storage Hunters? Have you ever been to a storage auction? 

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