Thursday, February 28, 2013

High School Students using Craigslist for Fraud?

I occasionally browse Craigslist for writing jobs. I have never done one but I like to look and see what is potentially out there. I also look for social media jobs that would be interesting. I was browsing Craigslist as I normally do and I saw that a couple people were looking for someone to do school work for them. One person wanted to pay someone to do his online work and another one wanted someone to finish all of his friends high school course work.  This is so wrong! It is totally dishonest and bad. It reminds me of when tv shows would talk about people buying someone's old reports or even a kid doing a bully's homework. I didn't realize this was going on. If Noah ever tried that he would be in so much trouble. Is this a new trend? Why isn't Craigslist doing anything? This brings cheating to a whole new level. Who knows if the person who did online school or online college is really the person holding the degrees? Man, this is so sad.

This is a real Craigslist posting. I took the screenshot myself.

They are looking for someone smart. No way! You have to complete a really long and I mean really long list of things which all have a final exam. There are probably about 40 things on the list. You have to do it in five days but if you complete it in less than five then you get a $100 bonus. The best part of this ad... You have to keep it a secret. My dear sweet Craigslist user. You don't know about IP addresses do you? They know where you are. They can find out who you are. You want to scam some school and you publicly post about it on Craigslist.  You are not only breaking moral laws but I am sure there are some kind of fraud laws that you, your friend, and the person hired are breaking.   You are also defrauding the Florida Department of Education. Obviously  your friend has slacked off for who knows how long but then all the sudden has the urge to amount to something and gets everything done in five days or less. He will get a B average too.  That is not at suspicious, not one tiny bit.  

So, if you work for the online high school in Florida and someone gets all his work done in five days or less with a b average it might be worth taking a look at it.  My dear sweet Craigslist poster don't worry your friend can still get their high school diploma in prison. Don't give up hope.

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