Sunday, February 24, 2013

ABC's of Me

I saw this on my friend Paula's blog, Frosted Fingers and I decided I thought it looked fun and I wanted to do it too. I love doing things like this to share more about myself.

Here are the ABC's of little ole me!

A is for alligator. Oddly enough I am really picky eater and I won't eat lamb or duck but I love to eat alligator. 

B is for Brandy who is my Best friend. 

C is for cupcakes, candy and cookies, I love anything sweet. 

D is for David Duchovny and why won't he love me? 

E is for England where I still have quite a bit of family. 

F is for Family. My family is extremely important to me. We are a tight knit bunch even though we are all over the world. 

G is for God and how much I love him. 

H is for Hawaii some where I want to go. 

I is for Irish and that I am 65% Irish. 

J is for Julie my only sibling. 

K is for the kitchen my favorite room to be in. I love to cook and bake. 

L is for Louise. That's my middle name and I hated it growing up. I used to pretend my middle name was Lynn except my mom called me Louisiana.  I had a lot of nicknames. 

M is for movie quotes and references. I make them all the time.

N is for Noah the love of my life, my sunshine and my sweet son. 

O is for  orchid. One of my favorite flowers. I also really love tulips and different kinds of roses. 

P is for Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper. I'm a pepper are you a Pepper too?

Q is for quiz shows. I love to watch games shows. 

R is for radio and I never listen to real radio. 

S is for Seahorses. I love them. I would love to have pet seahorses someday. Noah always takes pics of them for me. 

T is for travel. I love to travel. It's one of my greatest passions. 

U is for under the sea, I really like sea life. 

V is for Victoria's Secret, one of my favorite stores. 

W is for wandering. I love to just wander around and end up in random place. 

X is for X-ray. I got an X-ray when I stepped on a needle when I was very young. 

Y is for yellow. I can not stand eating yellow candy. Nothing lemon or banana please. 

Z is for is for Zygotes. I love to play scrabble and zygotes was one of my highest scoring plays.

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