Monday, February 18, 2013

100 Years Ago....

 My grandpa would have been 100 years old today. He was the best man I ever met. Not because he brought me happy meals and treats to me but because he was so kind and loving and an amazing person. I thought that this year is a big milestone to think that my grandpa was born 100 years ago. I would celebrate in a way that he would love. He used to love to play cards. His favorite candy was Kit Kats, my grandma Rose and I would bring him back one when we walked to the store. I miss and love my grandpa. I wish he and my grandma Rose were able to meet Noah. I am sure they would have loved him.  I see a lot of my grandpa in Noah, especially his love of trying to figure out how things work. I know him and my grandma are smiling down on us from heaven. I make it a point to talk about my grandma and grandpa a lot to Noah. On my grandma Rose's birthday I told him that it was my grandma's birthday. He responded she is 96 I said how did you know that and he responded because she was 95 last year. 

So in honor of my grandpa Jim's 100th birthday, Noah and I both ate a KitKat bar.