Sunday, January 13, 2013

Noah's Lego Pathfinder

Noah loves to build things with Legos. He also loves NASA. He watches the NASA channel more than any other channel. He likes to make different vehicles out of Legos. He recently made The Pathfinder and asked me to Tweet it to the NASA Twitter handles. He gave me suggestions of people to follow on Twitter one day including the International Space Station. I wanted to honor his request of taking a picture of The Pathfinder he made and tweeted it to NASA and NASA Langley. I checked my mentions and sure enough, NASA Langley not only Retweeted Noah's picture but tweeted me too.

That was pretty freaking cool and Noah was ecstatic. I wonder if Kevin Ford saw his Pathfinder. Yes we know the commander of the International Space Station's name and that he went to Notre Dame. We love NASA and the fact that they connected with us!

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