Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Took The Jeopardy Online Test

I love trivia and I love game shows and since I watch Jeopardy all the time, I decided to take the online test. I am pretty good at answering questions so I thought I would give it a shot. I did it just for fun because I knew the chance I would be able to audition would be slim to none. I just wanted to try.  I told my mom that it would be funny if I had questions about the order of presidents. When I was in 6th grade we sang The President Song that sings them in order. I used to always say that it will come in handy when I am on a game show. I had to wait until 11 pm to take the test after registering. I had a headache and was tired but I was determined to take the test. I had 15 seconds to answer each question.  So singing my song wouldn't have worked but there was a question about presidential order. Thankfully it was one of the easiest ones. The 22 and 24th president was Grover Cleveland which happens to be my favorite part of the song. So I got that one right. I also got The Bible question right and I didn't put a S on revelation. The Jeopardy online test was really hard. Partly because you only had 15 seconds and Alex Trebek didn't read you the question. You are asked fifty questions from fifty categories.  Some of them I had no clue and didn't even have time to answer. Some I just guessed. There was a question about who plays a guy in Les Miserables and I guessed for some reason Christian Bale. Of course that was incorrect, but Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are the same right? They both played comic book characters. I know that I probably didn't pass and that is fine. They don't tell you your score. They take the people who pass and do a random drawing for the auditions. I am proud that I did it though. I would be more suited for Wheel of Fortune or Pyramid. I never did get to go on Supermarket Sweep as I dreamed of as a kid.

What game show would you want to go on? Have you ever been on one?

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