Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Dream of Home Ownership

I have the dream of someday owning a home. I would love to have a place to call my own where I don’t have to worry about a landlord or anyone coming in to do filter changes and smoke alarm checks. I would also like to not have people right on top of me all the time as I do in my apartment. I like my neighbors for the most part, but I feel that I can’t have my windows open without neighbors or a child talking to us through the windows.  I feel like I constantly have to speak to people even when I am trying to watch TV or Noah and I are doing his homework. It is really a distraction to him because he doesn’t want to be rude.  Sometimes he gets upset because the neighbor boy can be very mean to Noah.  I would love to have my own house where I can just veg out and be in peace.
It is after all The American Dream to own your own home. I feel as though I am throwing away my money each month because I have nothing to show at the end of the time here.  I also know that owning a home is great for your credit.  It also gives you something to hold on to.  I would love to find my dream house and just live there for forever. I would love to not have to move anymore. I hate moving, I would have to find the perfect house for my family and the perfect location.  I would definitely need to get a mortgage to achieve home ownership.  I have seen houses that need some work; I wouldn’t be opposed to owning a house that needs work if I could get a 203k Loan and a great handy man. I would get really frustrated trying to fix it up myself.  It would probably be quite comical actually, but would not end well at all.  Another option I could consider is a bank owned home. People sometimes live over their means and have really nice homes and it becomes property of the bank.  I think that’s called homepath. They even give you money to fix it up if you need to. Either way I would need a handy man.  I would definitely want a two story home with at least 3 bedrooms, a nice big kitchen, and a big deck.  I would want it to be in a nice area or neighborhood.  I would definitely have a hot tub and a grill on my deck that overlooks a good sized yard.

Tell me about your dream home. I would love to know what yours would be like.


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