Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hamster Chase App Review!


It is no secret that I am attached to my iPhone. I even sleep with it next to me. I really enjoy playing games on it, especially when I am waiting to do something, or riding in the car with my family. Checking your email, forums, Twitter and Facebook can be boring. I don’t always have texts to respond to so I have apps to play with. I recently had the chance to learn about an app called Hamster Chase.  Hamster Chase is a fun game where you have to move the hamster through different puzzles to reach their bed or food. Sometimes you have more than one hamster; sometimes there are holes that you have to avoid falling in to. The worst thing is the cat. I don’t like the levels with the cat because, it’s hard. Especially when you have to knock the cats out with the punching glove, but I am determined to beat each level no matter how long it takes.  Hamster Chase is really addicting and so much fun. I had Noah try it too. He tried to use his finger to move it, using your finger will not work, you have to tilt the device.  I really like that you have to tilt it because when I try and click on something on websites I tend to miss what I am trying to click on and click on something else.  Noah thinks that Hamster Chase is so much fun and he asks to play it all the time, or when I am playing it, he will ask for a turn. Of course I can’t resist his smile so, it is an app we play together.   

Here is some information from the developer:

This top-down, accelerometer-driven puzzle game has players guide four cute cartoon hamsters (Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake, and Ting-Ting) home through 100 levels filled with deep holes, flying balls, spinning tops, vacuums, and even a nasty pussycat--the ill-mannered Sour Puss. Hamster Chase also includes a fully-interactive, virtual Hamster Cage that allows players to watch hamsters run on their wheels, play hide and seek, tell jokes, and much more.

Hamster Chase was created by Christopher Haag, a multi-talented designer/programmer/producer and sole founder of Gamieon.


·         Colorful graphics: all the “cute” you can take in one sitting!
·         100 levels, including challenging boss fights against Sour Puss
·         Gold coins are awarded based on how fast players clear each level
·         Skip harder levels by spending coins
·         Includes a virtual Hamster Cage
·         Facebook and Twitter integration make bragging on the street a thing of the past
·         Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and most Android smartphones and tablets

Hamster Chase is now available for iOS and Android!  There are free and paid versions of Hamster Chase. The paid version is only $0.99 and worth every penny.

For more information please visit Gamieon

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