Saturday, January 26, 2013

GrooveBook App Review

I love to take photos of my son. I don't always carry a camera but I always have my smart phone. I am always using the camera on my iPhone. I have so many pictures on it that I ran out of space and had to delete some. Thankfully they were just silly pictures that I took multiple pictures of something. I remember when I had tried to print pictures I took from an old cell phone and the quality was horrible. It was just a normal cell phone and this was like five years ago. Now that almost everyone has a smart phone what do you do with all of those pictures? Thankfully there is an app called GrooveBook that you can upload your pictures to and they will print up to 100 pictures in a book for you. I love that it is a book because all of your pictures are together. I have had times where Noah would get in pictures and they would become scattered everywhere. A few pictures would be lost under the furniture or carried off and found in a toy box months later.

Another cool feature of GrooveBook is the pages are perforated so you can easily share a picture with family and friends.  This would be great for birthday party pictures or even newborn pictures. When Noah was born I decided not to have the hospital photographer take his newborn pictures. I took them myself and they turned out much better than if I would have paid someone to do it. Those pictures all look the same. You could use GrooveBook to print pictures of your newborn and give them out for announcements. It also eliminates the hours you spend organizing your pictures in to albums. I have empty albums because I never got around to filling them.  You could have all your pictures sorted by theme. Groovebook would also be great if you are getting a new phone and you don't want to lose your pictures or spend time texting yourself them. 

You can get 100 photos printed free, just pay $2.99 shipping.

You can find the app in iTunes store

You can get a free month of GrooveBook by using the coupon code Sheilacakes13

For more information please visit the GrooveBook Website

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