Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Noah doesn't like fiction books. He prefers nonfiction and knows the difference. When I was young I loved fairy tales and fictional things. Noah prefers books about fish, science, and space to name a few. When we go to the library, he always looks for nonfiction books. Of course there are some fiction books he likes but if he had a choice it would be nonfiction books. He loves to learn about new things. He also doesn't like when fish or animals have smiles. He knows that fish do not smile so that would make them fiction. I used to draw happy faces on everything, especially the sun. He doesn't mind if people have smiles. He thankfully likes to watch shows that are fiction like Octonauts and Doc McStuffins but also loves to watch NASA and fishing shows.

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  1. My boys love fiction - they have insane imaginations so even when we read the non-fiction dinosaur books they tend to go off the wall with what these dinosaurs did or what not. My daughter on the other hand has issues with writing about anything non-fiction such as essay writing because she is much better with fiction writing, such as short stories but she will read either options!