Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dot to Dot Zoo App Review

When I was younger my favorite thing to do in activity books was the dot to dot puzzles. Now that I am a mom I share my love of dot to dot puzzles with my son. He really likes them and always smiles and gets excited when he finds out what the pictures are. They are great for counting and for fine motor skills. So, when I had the opportunity to review the Dot to Dot App from Rouxbee I was really excited.  I am a sucker for educational apps.  There are so many out there that I am glad that some will actually teach my son something. I love that not only can he do the dot to dot puzzles but also learn about animals. He really likes this app. He loves to play it on my tablet because it is a lot bigger than my iPhone which would be really hard for him. 

Here is more information from the developer:

Dot to Dot: Zoo is designed to encourage exploration of the natural world by collecting and learning about the animals for your child’s zoo. Collecting animals is accomplished through two types of Dot to Dot gameplay: Animals and Letters.
Animal gameplay uses the classic connect the dots experience to teach your child basic number iteration and counting to complete the puzzle. Letter gameplay uses the traditional letter tracing technique to teach your child basic letter formation and handwriting skills to complete the puzzles. This type of learning is the foundation for advancements in overall writing and reading comprehension.
Depending on your child’s age, the game is easy enough for them to play on their own, but is also designed for co-exploration together with your child.

Available On
-          Android
-          iOS
-          Windows Phone
-          Kindle Fire (Available this December)

This app has two versions. There is a free version and a paid version.  I recommend the paid one with maximum features and more puzzles.

Both versions are available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store and Windows Phone
Free or Trial Versions of the app: 

Paid Version of the app:

Coming soon to Kindle Fire and iPad

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