Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stompeez Review

There is something comforting about wearing slippers.  It is different than socks because slippers hug your feet. Noah was constantly wearing my slippers around the house. Of course my feet are much bigger than his so that was a little bit of a safety issue as he could fall wearing them. Thankfully he never did. I started looking for slippers for him. It wasn’t an easy task; most slippers have cartoon characters on them.  It is also harder to find slippers for boys than girls.  He had some slippers I bought him when he was like two years old but they obviously wouldn’t fit and they didn’t make them in his size. So, he didn’t have any slippers.  We saw the commercial for Stompeez on TV many times. We both thought that they were really cool.  So, when I had the opportunity to try them out, of course I said yes.

Stompeez are animal slippers and depending on which ones you have a part of them moves along with your child as they walk. At first I wasn’t sure if Noah would like them because for some reason I thought they made noise. I was mistaken. He received the Alligator Stompeez because I thought he would like them as he likes alligators and any animal that lives in water.  Stompeez are the coolest slippers on the block. Noah is having a pajama day at school soon, unfortunately he can’t wear slippers. I totally understand why though. We are so excited for Noah to have his own slippers, mostly because I won’t have to ask him for mine anymore.
For more information and to order please visit Stompeez’s website.
I was provided with a complimentary sample for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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