Monday, December 10, 2012

Noah's Award Winning Week

Noah has had a big week last week.  On Friday, Noah won two awards at school. They had an awards ceremony with the Principal and all. I love his school. Everyone is so nice and wonderful.  Noah won a Perfect Attendance Award for not missing a single day in the first quarter. That’s pretty awesome because only three kids in his class including him received it.  He also received and outstanding reading award.  Noah is in kindergarten and he is an awesome reader. I am so proud of him. He also received some prizes for his perfect attendance. A free admission to Astroskate, two free games of bowling and probably his most favorite a coupon for free breadsticks to Dominos. His school has partnered with Domino’s for fundraising too which I think is really cool.

Not only did Noah get his awards, but he also received his report card. Well since he is in Kindergarten he isn’t really graded.  The report card was very different than the ones I received when I was in Kindergarten, they didn’t use the normal letters they use points. It was kind of difficult to decipher.  Luckily Noah’s teacher called me Friday night and she made me understand it more. She said he is doing great and that he is really excelling academically.  I am so proud of him. We also hit another huge milestone. Noah had a loose tooth. He couldn’t resist wiggling it, even though I told him not to.  He said it hurt to eat until he figured out not to chew in the front.  Did you know that most kids lose their teeth in the order they come in? I didn’t. Noah is in the majority.  After messing with it for two days, Noah decided to help it out and pulled it out. It was really loose though. It was kinda just hanging there.  He was so excited to show me his tooth. I am happy he lost it at home and not at school. I will admit I was a little sad that he is growing up so fast. I tweeted about Jerri Blank coming to my house last night because Amy Sedaris is the Tooth Fairy on Yo Gabba Gabba. We also watched her on Youtube.

Noah is scared of the Tooth Fairy. Last night I went to sleep with his tooth under my pillow. He didn’t want to see the Tooth Fairy. There was also a series of notes from him to her. Asking her not to take his tooth but give him a prize to telling her it’s gonna be fish. I tried to explain to him how busy the Tooth Fairy is and that she doesn’t have time to go shopping.  He also put my Tic Tac’s under my pillow, so if the Tooth Fairy wanted one she could take one. He asked me where she gets the money and I said the Tooth Bank. It worked. This morning Noah’s tooth was still here, and I put it up in a safe place, she took a red Tic Tac and a white Tic Tac and left him some money. He was so excited that he squealed with joy. I had to remind him not to take the money to school because it would get lost and that too is in a safe place to pick out something the next time we go to a store.

How old was your child when they lost their first tooth?

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