Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Had a #GetUnjunked Party!

It is no secret that I love to eat candy. I am surprised I didn’t get gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Noah because I eat so much candy. Noah has inherited my love for candy as most children do, but I don’t like him to eat a lot of it. I heard about a brand of candy called UNREAL that is made with no GMOs and has no high fructose corn syrup and I thought that would be a good candy for Noah.  UNREAL Candy also has no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. It has low glycemic index and doesn’t contain partially hydrated oils.   I believe that everything is fine in moderation. I know that some parents do not allow their children any candy, but I occasionally let my son have a treat. I would prefer that the treat not contain artificial ingredients. Thankfully, UNREAL has saved the day. UNREAL offers the 

 UN54 which is chocolate candy shell peanuts
UN41 which is chocolate candy shell

UN5which is Chocolate covered caramel and nougat

UN8 which is Chocolate covered peanuts and caramel

UN77 which is chocolate peanut butter cups

I was invited to host a party for UNREAL Candy.   As the mother of a kindergartener, I now have contact with parents that are actually local to me.  Noah has a lot of friends from school and in our area so I thought it would be fun to host a party and share my new knowledge of Unreal with the parents and let the kids hang out and socialize and of course come home with a goody bag.

I decided to hold the party outside close to the playground because after all it was a beautiful sunny day. They just opened a brand new playground with really cool equipment too, that all the kids wanted to play on. I thought that since our guests were six year olds they could play while I talked about UNREAL . I think sometimes if you tell a child it is not full of sugar they might turn up their noses at it. That has been my experience growing up. The parents were really surprised to learn about UNREAL. A couple of them said they had seen it in CVS but wasn’t sure what it was all about.  I tried to answer any questions they had to the best of my ability while trying to tweet during the party.  After I explained what UNREAL candy was, we thought we would have the kids try some out and give their opinions.  After all that’s what they came for.  The adults were able to sample too as UNREAL  was very generous with their product.  Instead of having each child eat 5 whole candy bars in like a hour, I broke them up in groups and had each kid sample a couple pieces.  There was not an unhappy person in the bunch.

Here are some of the tweets I tweeted out during the party:

I hope everyone enjoys unjunked candy this Halloween.

They taste better than snickers!! :) -This was from a parent at the party

I love the real peanuts in the peanut candies. -this was from a little girl who was trying the UN54

No GMO's No preservatives wow

You are not yourself when you are hungry or if you have all kinds of junk in your candy.

It was hard to tweet and entertain at the same time as you can imagine. It was a lot of fun though.  The party was a total success. I think that I have encouraged some local parents to rethink their candy buying habits and switch to the UNREAL brand.  Each child went home with a few treats and info for the parents in a nice little goody bag.

This party was on behalf of Global Influence. I was compensated for my time and party expenses. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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