Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Unique and Beautiful Christmas Tree

It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about Christmas from making our traditional goodies to caroling to decorating our house.  Our house is a combination of old items from my childhood I received for Christmas such as my Lamb chop Angel to newer things that we have purchased throughout the years. Most people decorate a Christmas tree. I have seen beautiful trees that are perfectly color coordinated to match their décor. I have also seen trees that have all matching ornaments with colored balls and bows. All of those trees are beautiful of course but I personally love our Christmas tree the best. We always have a real tree that we buy each year. Everyone in my family loves the smell of fresh Christmas trees.  Decorating it is always a family affair.  Our ornaments are not the same, they don’t match the décor, but they are ones we have had for years.

With every ornament we place on the tree, there is a story and a memory. I like to look at them and remember when we got it and why.  Some of them are ones my sister and I got when we were born. We used to try and place ours higher than the other.  Others we made when we were very young like the star ones we made with glitter on them.  We have ornaments that were gifts from friends and teachers.  

When I was in 7th grade, we did secret Santa, and I got an ornament that was made out of a dog biscuit. I remember how upset I was because I thought I was being called a dog. I didn’t particularly like the girl who gave it to me, but I think our homeroom teacher did that on purpose, maybe to make us become friends. It didn’t really work. I still have the ornament and it is still on my tree every year.  We have beach themed ornaments. I got my mom an angel made out of seashells in the Bahamas that now goes on our tree.  I also have Noah’s first Christmas ornaments and a frame of him and me as a baby.  My mom made some stuffed ornaments when I was a baby that always goes on the bottom of our tree.  I love that we have a variety of Christmas tree decorations vs. a standard tree with meaningless ornaments.  When I look at them I remember all the Christmases of the past. Decorating the tree while my Grandma Rose was there, dancing around wearing the Christmas tree skirt and all the happy memories each Christmas brings.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

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  1. This will be my first year but I can't wait to decorate the tree. I have so many ornaments to choose from.