Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can’t cook, won’t cook? Cooking from home

Not everyone has the inclination or the ability to prepare his or her own meals, something which the entrepreneurially minded can take advantage of to provide a much-needed service.  It is becoming increasingly fashionable for those who want to hold a dinner party to arrange for the catering to be done by somebody else, although the host may not want to broadcast this fact.  The catering company will then deliver the food discretely and even arrange for dirty pans and crockery to be left out to make it look like the party hosts have done all the work.

Starting a cooking business

In order to thrive in this type of home business, it is essential to enjoy cooking and also have some good cooking skills.  It is also best to check the local regulations on running this type of business from home.  There will be health and hygiene regulations to consider as well as implications for home insurance.  All regulations will need to be met in order to avoid any official action or fines at a later date.    

It is important to run the business professionally.  Food will need to be delivered on time, so the chef will need to ensure that for each task, everything is planned to the last detail.  For maximum efficiency, organize the kitchen so that everything is within easy reach.  Ensure that all equipment is in place before the work begins.  It will not be easy to step out partway through the cooking process to purchase a missing utensil, but those who are considering offering basic home cooking services will find that they already have most of the items required anyway. 

It is a good idea to have a business concept, and it is acceptable to be specific about the type of food that will be offered.  Will it be haute cuisine for elegant dinner parties or something a little more down to earth for groups of friends who just want to get together for a simple meal?  Every business should have a target market, which should be kept in mind when planning the marketing of the business.

It is also a good idea to check out any local competition.  If the concept of the business is original enough, then competition may not be an issue, but any sensible business owner will look at what is available first.  This can also give new business owners an idea of the prices being charged by competitors and help figure out how to offer something that already established businesses do not.

A cooking business – a practical concept?

There is a market for this type of business in almost every town and city.  Everywhere, there are people who lead very busy lives and will not always have the time to deal with their own catering if they want to host a party.  Cooking services can also be expanded upon to offer busy customers a home-cooked meal when they return from work each evening.  A successful business may even outgrow a home kitchen over time.  With plenty of land to buy, developing and building a business premises is easier than most people believe.  

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  1. There will be no cooking here :( we did receive a last minute invite to my brothers, over an hour away, but declined as hubby is pooped from deer hunting earlier this week. He had beautiful weather, but no bucks in sight, so meat brought home.
    Heres wishing you & your sweet little guy a wonderful Thanksgiving!