Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Gift Birthday Parties

My son has a ton of toys. He receives them for presents from my family and me. Some of them are birthday gifts and Christmas gifts but sometimes they are for no reason. Honestly, I kind of feel like when his birthday comes along it just means more stuff. Now that he is older and will start having birthday parties with friends, it will only get worse. I am thankful for the gifts we receive of course. I really am.

I have an issue with the quality of some toys now days. I can tell you that I have quite a few toys from my childhood that are still in good condition or well working condition. I bought Noah a remote control helicopter for his birthday that was broken less than a month later. Another issue is a lot of toys are made in China and end up getting recalled for lead or whatever reason.

I would like to see my family and friends use their gift money to go towards his college education. That would be a gift that would really last a lifetime. I also think that quite a few parents are interested in a no gift birthday party. As my mom would say, your presence is present enough.

Did you know saving just $25/month when your child is a toddler can result in up to $10,000 when they're ready for college? That's just one coffee a week.

If you reach $1,000 in the 60 day window GradSave will give you $100 to use towards your college savings or to pay for your birthday party.  How cool is that?

You can learn more about the GradSave Birthday Challenge.

What do you think about no gift parties? I look forward to your thoughts.

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