Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LuckyDiem Combines Thrill of Slot Machines With Instant Rewards

One of the many things I inherited from my Grandma Rose is my love to play slot machines. When she visited my aunt and uncle in California, they always went to Reno. It partly was the place where they went shopping since they lived in the mountains in a town with a population of 37 and because Reno is fun.   My Grandma Rose liked to play the nickel slots and if you knew her it was funny because she didn’t seem like a gambling woman.  I found a brand new website called LuckyDiem and they have a really cool new game where you can win dELiA*s gift cards. Who doesn’t love cute clothes?  I know I love to save money so LuckyDiem is a win- win for me.  Here are some more details on the promotion:


LuckyDiem Combines Thrill of Slot Machines With Instant Rewards

Facebook Social Game partners with dELiA*s for launch 

New York, NY, October 17, 2012 -- Earlier this month, LuckyDiem launched its new Vegas-style game that combines the thrill of pulling the lever on a slot machine with the joy of saving money and getting a chance to win shopping sprees and other prizes. LuckyDiem’s launch partner is clothing retailer dELiA*s; other partners will follow in the coming weeks. Prizes include discounts, $1,500 worth of dELiA*s gift cards, and $200 worth of Amazon gift cards.

LuckyDiem.com serves up 10,000 points and 10 free spins to each new player, who can easily register by logging in through Facebook. With a click on the “Spin” button, players get to see what they’ve won. Basic prizes during the dELiA*s campaign include coupons that offer $5, $10, and $15 off purchases at delias.com.

Players can instantly increase their rewards by simply answering a single pop culture trivia question correctly.  Savings continue when players either signup or share their success on Facebook and Twitter, earning as much as 40% off their entire dELiA*s purchase.  However, when a player’s initial number of points for spins runs out, that’s when the rest of the game really starts to heat up. Players earn points through a variety of actions such as answering more trivia questions and sharing with friends. And players who share photos of their dELiA*s purchases on LuckyDiem’s Facebook page can collect 200,000 points.

Grand prizes during the dELiA*s campaign include $1,500 in gift certificates (one $1,000 gift certificate and ten $50 gift certificates), which are instantly won by users playing the game. In addition, $200 worth of Amazon gift cards will be given to the top players on the leader board at 7:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday, October 25.

Grand prizes planned for LuckyDiem campaigns with future partners include trips to the Super Bowl and backstage passes to concerts.

“LuckyDiem makes consumers feel like every day is their lucky day,” said LuckyDiem CEO Andrew Landis. “With 87% of 10 - 65 years-olds playing games online today, it’s imperative that advertisers integrate social gaming into their overall marketing strategy. Our turnkey platform is a launching-off point for brands to engage with consumers, but most importantly, LuckyDiem extends that initial engagement and sustains the emotional connection between the consumer and brand in a way that’s never been done before.”

“Instead of pushing the message out to the consumer, LuckyDiem’s users are happily engaging with brands through gameplay and rewards,”  Landis added. “We have several partners lined up to keep the excitement at a fever pitch year-round.”

About LuckyDiem:

LuckyDiem was founded with one goal in mind: to make earning rewards more fun. All consumers want to get discounts when they shop online, but most money-saving promotions involve filling out forms and waiting. Boring. LuckyDiem combines the visceral excitement of Vegas slot machines with the thrill of immediate savings and the enticement that big prizes could be just a click away. LuckyDiem launched in October 2012 with an initial campaign conducted with dELiA*s.

I hope you sign up for LuckyDiem and win big! Let me know if you are a lucky winner!

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  1. Well I signed up, I played, I won 5 of the $20 off $50 purchase coupons....now I just need to decide what to do with them LOL