Monday, October 1, 2012

Cpap Masks and Me

I had always seen commercials for cpap masks on tv. I really wasn't sure what it was until a friend of mine's husband had to use one. Thankfully my family has never had breathing problems or sleep apnea so I wasn't sure what it was. I had heard of asthma when I had friends with asthma and I knew about breathing treatments from the days I worked in a daycare. One of the little girls had to have daily breathing treatments. I always thought it made her look like an elephant. She thought it was funny. So, when my friend shared with me that her husband had a cpap mask. It was quite foreign to me. I felt kind of silly asking her so many questions. She thankfully humored me and answered my questions. I can't imagine how scary sleep apnea would be to have. It is also scary for your spouse too. It is important that those with sleep apnea are properly diagnosed by a doctor and get a cpap mask if they need one. It could save their life.

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