Monday, October 1, 2012

Campus Book Rentals Review

College is expensive, worthwhile but expensive. The tuition usually includes a dorm room and sometimes a meal plan depending on the school. One thing it doesn't include is books. Parents and students end up paying big bucks to get books that are required or suggested for different courses. Depending on the class sometimes they don't even use the textbook. I know that friends have paid a hundred dollars for one book. This book is only for one class so afterwards it becomes a doorstop or something that sits in a box or on a shelf for many years. I remember when I was in school, we had to pay a book rental fee for our books. We had to give them back but really? What would I do with a sixth grade science book? I am sure my son would like to look at it but other than that it is useless to me. I remember when the school would change books, they would let the students each choose an old textbook. I thought that was cool because I liked to play school. There is a website called Campus Book Rentals that allows college students to rent their books. I love this idea because not only is it so much cheaper and it reduces clutter but it is greener. Think about how many textbooks a publisher prints a year. If it is for a required class that all college kids take it could be hundreds of thousands. All of those trees for a few months of classes. How many people actually reopen their college textbooks and read them again a few years later? I am willing to bet not many. So why not save money and save the trees at the same time. Here are some perks of the program: -save 40-90% off of bookstore prices -free shipping both ways -can highlight in the textbooks -flexible renting periods -Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented Campus Book Rentals has pretty much everything. My uncle was a professor at Purdue and he also wrote a textbook. They have it too. Noah would like the textbooks about Marine Biology because he is going to be a Marine Biologist when he grows up. Congratulations to all the college students this year!

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