Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And the Ugliest One is Frankenstein

I can't believe it's almost Halloween. Time has flown by lately. Halloween is a fun holiday that is more than just candy and dressing up. Sure that is a big part of it but its fun to do Halloween crafts and read Halloween books. I am the biggest scaredy cat so, I don't really like the scary aspect of Halloween but I do enjoy kids Halloween movies and books. I had the chance to review the book Frankenstein by Ludworst Bemontser. Of course that is a pen name, as I don't think a parent would name their child that ever.  Ludworst  Bemonster is the pen name of author Rick Walton and  artist Nathan Hale. Legend has it that he was bored one Halloween and rewrote a popular children's book. I happen to adore this particular children's book and used to watch the cartoon.

I think this book is adorable. It will be a Halloween tradition in my house. Possibly like our tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. I love how spot on Frankenstein is. Ludworst really captured the essence of not only the original book but Halloween. I love how they include Miss Devel and how she exclaims something is not right! While I was reading the book, I could hear the original character's voice in my head saying it.

You can buy Frankenstein at major bookstores.  I recommend picking up a copy for your little monsters to enjoy.

I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

I received a copy of Frankenstein for my family to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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